Who Will Remember President Donald Trump After January 20th?

Who Will Remember President Donald Trump After January 20th?

Who Will Remember President Donald Trump After January 20th?

Who Will Remember President Donald Trump After January 20th?

Who Will Remember President Donald Trump After January 20th? – From one controversy to another; to different criticisms; is Donald Trump the worst ever US president?

20th of January beckons and finally, arguably the most controversial president in the history of the United States of America in recent times, will step aside and Joe Biden of the Democrats will assume the exalted position for another 4years barring any impeachment. However, who will remember Donald Trump after handing over power on January 20, 2021? The controversies and criticisms surrounding the president reached a new low recently following the capitol building violent protest, which reportedly claimed five lives including a US police officer. As it stands, things appear to get worse for Donald Trump even as hopes of reclaiming presidency seems all but lost.

However, the president continues to defy all the odds with his every moves and pronouncements concerning the US 2020 election which he lost. In some persons opinion, Donald Trump’s legacy will not outlive the handing over day due to his recent actions. In fact, many of his policies run contrary to the incoming president’s, Joe Biden and perhaps, Donald Trump may only be remembered for his controversies, divisiveness and ability to create unwarranted tensions. Would this be the case? Who will likely remember the president fondly after handing over day?

1. Supporters of the “America first polices” will remember Donald Trump

Donald Trump made good on the policies of putting US first in every foreign trade agreements. While these policies drew criticisms, many Americans supported the moves, especially when it concerned relations with China and Chinese companies. According to reports, tariffs were imposed even on allied countries during his reign and supporters of these policies, will remember him especially as Joe Biden has promised to open the borders that are closed by Trump, retake and assume the leadership role the country is known for instead of running away from it. The Democrat has been open about these and certainly, these policies may not survive after Trump is gone.

2. Religious conservatives will remember Donald Trump

At every opportunity, the president elect, Joe Biden has sent messages of support to the LGBTQ community, and has spoken against Trump’s policies that ban transgender in the US military and other climes. Religious conservatives who see abnormality in the way of life of the LGBTQ community, certainly will not be thrilled with Joe Biden’s support after he assumes office on Jan. 20. Also Biden has declared he no longer support the Hyde Amendment on abortion and criticized, Republican’s anti – abortion state laws. Religious conservatives; Christians and Muslims alike may be disappointed due their belief in the sanctity of human lives and human sexuality.

However, what will Donald Trump be remembered for after 20th of January 2021? Just recently, according to BBC reports, FBI warned of a planned armed protest by Trump supporters ahead of Joe Biden’s inauguration. Perhaps it is time for Donald Trump to be gallant in defeat and use, his influence to deter his supporters from carrying out these protests, especially seeing what happened at the capitol building. If he truly cares about America, then he must subdue the tension and allow for peaceful transition.

The thin line between Trump and The worst US president ever in some opinion, continues to disappear with each Trump allegation of fraud and pro – Trump protest. If he does nothing about these, Donald Trump may go down as the worst president ever in US history not because of leadership incompetence, but for his attitude towards preservation of lives and safety of the American democratic culture.

So, what will you remember president Donald Trump for after he leaves office?


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