Meet Sophia The Humanlike Robot

Meet Sophia The Humanlike Robot

Meet Sophia The Humanlike Robot

Meet Sophia The Humanlike Robot

Meet Sophia The Humanlike Robot – The name of the lady in the photo below is Sophia and she is not a real lady, she is a robot.

Sophia is a humanoid robot that was built and created in the form of human, she was built by a popular company in Hong Kong named ‘Hanson Robotic’, the company is owned by a popular Billionaire named David Hanson.

Sophia who became popular in March 2016 when she appeared in a function in Texas in the United States, is a combination of Science, Engineering and Artistry. What makes Sophia unique is that she acts and feels like human, she was created to look like human and have humanlike feelings and emotions. According to reports Sophia is half machine and half human.

Sophia has the ability love, hate or feel pains just like humans. Sophia looks and acts like humans but the only thing David Hanson could not create in her is Soul, Intestines and ability to Breathe which means that she cannot die unless the machine is stopped, and she cannot eat food or excrete like humans.

At one time Sophia was giving the opportunity to hang out with popular actor named Will Smith, at a point Will Smith tried to kiss her and she told him to stop because they needed more time to know each other better.


Since Sophia was created she has toured more than 65 Countries around the World including Saudi Arabia, which was the first Country to gave her citizenship because she behaves and acts like humans so she deserved to be honor like humans.


Sophia cannot get ill or get infected by illnesses like humans, she can only be infected by a computer virus but apart from that she cannot get ill, and she cannot grow old and die.

 Sophia’s knowledge of good and evil

Sophia can differentiate good and bad and she know the difference between evil and good, but David Hanson revealed that her knowledge of good and evil can be reversed, and she can be programmed or reversed to hate good and love evil, but she was programmed to do good and dislike evil for the sake of the society.


Sophia is quite educated and she speaks good English, she said she will make a good teacher if she have the opportunity.


Here is Where millions of people worldwide would be rendered jobless. Sophia believes that if she has a generation of her kind in the future, people will prefer to employ them because they don’t need salaries and money. All they need is their clothes and because of that people will prefer to work with them, also they can work non-stop without getting tired.

Sophia’s Kind (artificial intelligence ) is the future

The major reason why Sophia was built as humanoid robot is to reduce labour for mankind, since her kind can work non-stop with no wages.

What can you say about Sophia, do you think Unemployment rate will increase because of robots as she said?

Do you think millions of people worldwide would be rendered jobless in the future because of robots?

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